- Arduino learning for Vietnamese

Arduino is a common electronics language for newbie. It's not just a software, it's a hardware as well. There're a lot of people over the world using Arduino for their project. They're artists, engineers, hobbyist... And a lot of children using it to learn programming. But in Vietnam, it's new. At this time, there are only some students in university using it as a backup solution for their excercises. 

I know the power of Arduino. The power come from the way we write a program. A new user does not need to know about a datasheet of a microcontroller but they can write a program the that MCU to work. Yes, that's right. The regiters, interrupts... were taken care by Arduino code (known as Wiring language). New user just needs to know what a basic program looks like and can begin to go further. As it has more than one layer in programming language, the code can be easily port to another MCU and can be inherrit. 

I and some others had begun starting a website for Vietnamese pupils & students learning about Arduino. It's When starting this project, we want that more and more pupils in Vietnam will know why they need to learn programming language and what they can do by writing a program. It's not a theory they have to learn in class, it's funny and attractive! They will try to think & do to bring their ideas to real world. This way practises their mind and make them more creative. 

Hope to see you there :)