was developed from the need of finding company. There are some formal & non-formal source that can be searched by the same way. But they cannot offer the users what they want.

The formal source just supply some criteria to search, cannot use Vietnamese without signal. I see the best reason to use this is the largest database. Besides, there are a lot of "just SEO" pages. These ones are filled with almost advertisements and some piece of information about the company. I think this is not what user wants. - Arduino learning for Vietnamese

Arduino is a common electronics language for newbie. It's not just a software, it's a hardware as well. There're a lot of people over the world using Arduino for their project. They're artists, engineers, hobbyist... And a lot of children using it to learn programming. But in Vietnam, it's new. At this time, there are only some students in university using it as a backup solution for their excercises. 

Backup battery charger circuit

If you need more battery juice while travelling, then you need a backup battery to charge your smartphone. There's a lot of charger but it does not work for a long time. Your charger will die some day. Why? It's true that your charger circuit is damaged.

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